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2015 hottest three levels ozone water filter with "UL" mark


Product Appearance


Product Function


Market Potential

  • Product Model: OLK-W-03
  • MOQ: 12 PCS
  • MOQ for Exclusive: 0 PCS
  • Production Cycle: 1 months
  • Terms of Delivery: FAS,CPT,FOB,EXW,CIF,CFR
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
  • Countries Sold: Europe,South America,North America,Asia,Oceania,Africa
  • Once Shipping Market:
  • Shipping Port: NINGBO SHANGHAI
  • Product Stage: Massive Production Stage
  • Standard Accessories: adapter / hose / use manual / installation bag
  • Product Certification: RoHS,cUL,CE,UL,CQC
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  • Product Introduction
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Product Description

Application: wash clothes, bed sheets, towel

Brief Introduction: 
Ecolaundry G3 is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for using in a residential washing machine.
Ecolaundry G3  is designed to work with your washing machine, mixed active oxygen into the water.
The processed water is used to wash and sterilize the clothes, especially baby clothes and underwear, need less or no detergent during the process.
G3 is the advanced model with three levels ozone for poeople different application. 

  •  It is suggested to choose "H'' if you need to clean strong stains and white clothes for better result.
  •   It is suggested to choose "L''if you need to clean normally or some vulnerable clothing (i.e. silk & linen) or clothes easy to be rubbing off.
  •   When no 03 signal on the led bar, it indicates no ozone in the water. 

Main superiority 

Clean clothes without needing any detergents
Sterilize and kill about 99.6 % germs
Keep color and let your clothes fresh 
No pollution to the environment
Low energy consumption  
Wall mounted and convenient for setting up
CE & Rohs & UL & CUL

Product Name

Eco laundry G3 




Input  AC 100-240V/50-60Hz Output: DC 12V 3A 36W

Water Pressure

40 PSI~100PSI

Water Flow

4.5 L/min

Operating Temperature


Ozone Concentration

0.5~1.0 mg/L

Product Dimension

 18.8'' X 9.45'' X 3.15''

Product Weight 

6.6 LBS 

Product Show

The Introduction of Product Principle

                                Advanced Oxidation Radiant Catalytic Ionization System




 Function Explanation 


Use magnetizer as pre-filter to change the physical structure of water, softening tap water in advance. 

We all know tap water contains large amount of chlorine, and magnetizer is going to adopt strong magnet to change the water molecular structure, impel chemical reaction between H+ and Cl+ ,  generating HCI and hypochlorous . The hypochlorous could decompose into hydrochloric acerbic and nascent oxygen, which can kill germs and alga. Besides, HCl will break up into H+ and Cl+,and Cl+actively combines Ca+ and Mg+ ,to generate NaCl, MgCl and CaCl, which are good for people's healthy.  Moreover, why the Ca would accumulate in the water, just because it is generated as CaCO3. So what the magnetizer do is prevent the generation of CaCO3 and push the generation of HCI.

2.Oxidation Gases

The Radiant Catalytic Ionization Cell utilizes ozone, high intensity UV light on a hydrated quad-metallic target to create:

• Ozone

• Ozonide Ions

• Hydro peroxides

• Hydroxides

• Free oxygen molecules

• Super oxide ions

These Advanced Oxidizers become entrained in the water to break down oils and grime and disinfect the fabric and work best with cold water.

3.Pure Oxygen Aeration

A byproduct of the Radiant Catalytic Ionization process is pure oxygen aeration, which performs two functions. First, it enhances the enzyme action. Second, the aeration creates an effervescent cleaning action similar to club soda's cleaning action where escaping gases release grime and stains from fabrics.

4.Silver Ionizer

Silver ions are added to the oxidized water solution to provide silver's unique bactericide ability. These silver ions will also be trapped in the fabric to provide ongoing protection against odor-causing bacteria.

SILVER WASH utilizes 99.99% pure silver for a lasting investment for your health and garments.

5.Water Cleaning

It is important to start with clean water, as it will retain more of the oxidation gases and is aggressive to contamination. The ECO Water Treatment System (sold separately) provides clean chlorine-free water for the entire home, or an optional single canister carbon filter will be offered.

6. Enzymes

The active, natural blend of enzymes is added to aid in stain breakdown. The enzymes are enhanced by the oxygen enhancement of the water.




Our Company 

The hi-tech and environmentally friendly products are marked with CE & Rohs certificate. Now we are exporting to North American, Middle East and Europe market, and also devote ourselves to promoting other open market.


Wowtech holds on the road of science and technology and innovation, strives to build a team that is young, vibrant and highly dedicated and provides customers with high quality products and friendly services.

Company Tenet: Promoting Environment Protection;

Creating Clean Environment;

Saving Energy and Reducing Emission;

Protecting the Earth

Company Mission: Being a Vanguard of Mechanical and Electrical Brand Being a Spokesperson of Advocating Environment Protection

Company Core Value: Honesty, Hard-working, environmentally friendly and Innovative 

Mass Production 

Test Equipment  

Our Office  

Our Cooperator 

Product Dimension
0 x 0 x 0 cm
Net Weight
0 kg
Gross Weight
0 kg
Packaging Size
0 x 0 x 0 cm
Export Carton
Power Plug Standard
The core components
Standard Accessories
adapter / hose / use manual / installation bag

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