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1. Is it free to register on HotOEM.com?


It is completely free for users to register on HotOEM.com.

2. Can I register an account in my own name?


HotOEM.com is a cross-border comprehensive service B2B platform for small appliances which serves enterprises. Registration in an individual name is not supported.

3. Why can’t I verify the mailbox?

A. Please check whether your registered email address is filled in correctly.
B. If it is correct, please log on to the mailbox to check whether the verification email is in the spam box. 
C. If not, check whether your mailbox has reached its capacity. 
D. If not, please enter theUserCenter, and click “Resend the verification email”. 
E. If you still don’t get any email after the above steps, please contact customer service personnel            (buyer.sda@haierhk.com).

4. Why does verification code appear suddenly?


Generally, when you log on to HotOEM.com, the verification code is not required. However, if two successive login attempts fail, we will require you to enter the verification code in order to guarantee the security of your account.

5. Why do pictures always fail to be displayed?


A. In case of red cross, tearing or incomplete pictures, it may be due to network problems. You can try to press the buttons Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page.

B. The browser may also be the problem. You are advised to use IE (IE7 or above), Firefox or Chrome Browsers. If the browsers mentioned are being used, please clear the cache.

C. If it still doesn’t work with above methods, the slow Internet connection may be the problem, and you are advised to contact the network provider or change to another computer. 

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